Book Design & Illustration

Curious House Book

Project overview

As a child I was captivated by lit windows at night, getting that tiny peek into other people’s lives made me want to know more.

In this book I recapture that sense of wonder and curiosity for an older audience. I planned out the comic-like story that would unfold. A bored cat escapes from its owners room and explores a three-decker apartment. It searches all over and eventually finds the attention it craves when it's greeted at the door by 3 excited partygoers.


Company / client: MassArt

Role: Designer

Team: Professor and classmates

Time period: 2019


Create something that sparks childlike joy and curiosity in adults.


  • Sketched and planned the story

  • Consulted with teachers and classmates for critique

  • Created many physical prototypes with advice from laser cutting and bookmaking professionals

  • Assembled the final book with printed digital art, cut out in several layers using a laser cutter and then glued to chipboard and assembled by hand


The physical process of assembling the book was a challenge. It took many tries to find the perfect paper and materials so that it would be nice and sturdy when standing upright. The precision required to cut out all the materials, glue and align them perfectly was also a learning experience.


The book succeeded in delighting me, my classmates, and everyone I’ve showed it to since! It’s rare to have an opportunity to create something purely joyful, and I’m glad I did.