Digital product & UI/UX

ECHO / Boston Housing Authority

Project overview

Own Up is a technology company I’ve been an employee at that focuses on making sure borrowers get the best deal on their mortgage.

One project I worked on was the homepage. The old homepage was created years ago and no longer reflected our company's values, and customers visiting the page didn’t understand what we did.

Other projects have included the onboarding questionnaire, mortgage calculators, and account landing pages.


Company/client: Own Up

Role: Product Designer

Direct collaborators: 2 designers, 1 product manager

Team: Developers

Time period: 2022

Project type: Digital product & UI/UX




Primary: Our homepage should better communicate our values and our mission.
Secondary: Increase the number of customers entering our funnel as well as converting.


  • Conducted competitor research

  • Created rough drafts followed by revision

  • Came up with copy, which was a collaboration with our marketing partner and other members of the team

  • Created high fidelity designs, trying out different versions

  • Checked in with key stakeholders before deciding on a final version

  • Added developer annotations to the Figma

  • QA with developers, page is approved and released


It was a highly visible, substantial project. We worked through this by being thorough and involving devs and stakeholders early.


The new page reflected our values and brand far better, customers weren't as confused about what we do, and there was an 11.5% increase in customers who continued down our funnel, as well as an increase in overall conversion!

Digital Product Design for Boston Housing Authority