Community Project

Pemberton Mural

Project overview & goals

The Pemberton Mural project was focused on beautification of a wall located in North Cambridge.  This project was intended to build community by offering students and members of the community the chance to interact with the development of the mural, giving them artistic freedom within guidelines.

I helped with various stages of the process: painting the swirls and patterns according to guidelines, helping direct children participating, and adding my own details to the mural. I specifically worked on the roller skating deer, the honk band, and a squirrel.


Mural designer: Whitney Van Praagh

Collaborators: Alex Makes Art, Kit Collins, and many community members of all ages

My role: Detail painting

Medium: Acrylic paint on brick wall

Time period: 2023


  • Work with Whitney to see where help is most needed on the mural

  • Set up paints and brushes

  • Sketch on the wall using paint or chalk, figuring out the silhouettes first and then moving on to finer details

  • Help other volunteers on the mural and clean up at the end of the day


Working outside is always a challenge because of all the different weather conditions. Each day on the mural was a little different, but we made it work!